Welcome to Juicy Ideas!

The challenge for Juicy Ideas 2010 is to create a software application that uses publicly available data to benefit your community. It's a wide open contest, with endless possibilities, and it's up to you to be creative and innovative with the data. The grand prize is an all-expenses paid trip to Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA and an Android-powered phone.

Team from Stanford wins!

Form a Team
Create a team of 3-5 students at an eligible college to create a software app. You'll need folks who can code.

Find an Idea
Research publicly available data and get creative! Come up with a business plan for that data: how can it benefit the people around you?

Create an Application and Video
Turn that data and business plan into a software application and upload a short demo video to YouTube. Submit your application and video by May 2!

Get Squeezing